The story "Nest Litchi- Thanh Ha Thieu Litchi"

December 27, 2020

According to the web portal of Thanh Ha district, Hai Duong province, the litchi tree in Thuy Lam village, Thanh Son commune was nearly 200 years ago, by old man Hoang Van Com (named Phuc Thanh) born on May 10, Mau Than year (1848) planted.

When Hoang Van Com was a young man who specialized in fruit trading to Hai Phong, in 1870, when he attended a party with the Chinese in Hai Phong, he was able to eat delicious litchi, so he brought at home garden, suitable with the soil and climate, the three seeds all germinate into a tree, as a result, there is a tree, which has a particularly delicious taste ...

Because this litchi fruit is picked from a litchi tree native to Thieu Chau - China, so it is called the Thieu lychee. From that precious lychee tree, Mr. Hoang Van Com extracted the branches to be replicated in the home garden and gave it to relatives inside and outside the commune.

According to Hai Duong newspaper, every year litchi tree produces fruit. Years a little more than weights, years less also a few dozen pounds. The fruit of litchi tree has red bark than other trees. It is small but has thick pulp. The taste is crispy and sweet, the flavor lingers forever on the tip of the tongue.

The Vietnam Record Association awarded the certificate of setting a record for the People's Committee of Thanh Ha district "The oldest lychee tree (Nest Litchi)".

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