Fresh sugarcane Hoa Binh for the first time exported to Japan market

January 29, 2019

(HBĐT) - Organizing the export ceremony on January 16-17; at 15:00 on January 18, the first shipment of Hoa Binh Purple Sugarcane from was present at the shelves of supermarkets in Japan after meeting strict customs clearance procedures.

Hoa Binh purple sugar cane Shipment to Japan market under a fresh fruit sale contract established between seller and buyer is AMEII Vietnam Joint StocCompany.

Accordingly, the amount of purple sugarcane exported to Japan for the first time is 712kg. Purple sugarcane is packed into PE bags (vacuum) weighing 1 kg / bag, 8kg / carton, Sugarcane keeps purple, cleaned, chopped , removed 100 % of hea, ensure the quality meet  export standard. With good Logistic forwarders, Hoa Binh sugarcane is delivered to the Japanese supermarket shelf in a suitable time.

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