Exporting dong and banana leaves to Japan and Korea

February 08, 2021

Ameii Vietnam Joint Stock Company has successfully exported 2 trips of dong and banana leaves to Japan, and 1 trip to Korea with a volume of 5 tons / trip. 


Workers cleaning the leaves for export 

Ameii Vietnam Joint Stock Company is purchasing 750 dong / dong leaves, 10,000 dong / kg banana leaf from farmers inside and outside the province to export to Japan, Korea, serving the needs of wrapping banh chung  community during the Lunar New Year. On average, each day the company buys 20,000 dong leaves, 0.5 tons of banana leaves. All the dong leaves and banana leaves were brought to the preliminary processing workshop in Thanh Xa commune (Thanh Ha) for cleaning, packaging, vacuuming and freezing. Then it is exported to Japan and Korea by sea.


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