Vision, mission


Striving to 2020, Ameii will become a leading and prestigious unit in Vietnam's agricultural export industry, export organic vegetables and is the largest distributor in the country with many products, rich and meet all safety criteria food. At that time, Ameii will be the first choice of consumers ... 

And so far, Ameii has cooperated with many domestic growers and producers to synchronously develop, build a closed food chain from raw materials to processing.




With the developed society today, the demand for using clean foods is very concerned. Therefore, Ameii always wants consumers to be able to recognize and access agricultural products, vegetables with clear, fresh and safe sources for health. 

Therefore, we always seek and sign with reputable suppliers, together build the most effective Logistics process, from the selection of fruits, vegetables at the garden to the transportation and storage at the warehouse, to ensure the quality of products when reaching consumers. In addition, we also aspire to improve the quality of Vietnamese life by bringing Vietnamese agricultural products, vegetables to many countries around the world to contribute to promoting the Socio-Economic Development.


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