Transporting dragon fruits reasonably to border gates to avoid congestion at border gates

December 25, 2021
To avoid congestion of agricultural products at border gates, Binh Thuan province requires to arrange and transport dragon fruits reasonably to border gates.



Following the direction of Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh in the face of congestion of agricultural products at border gates in Lang Son province, the Chairman of Binh Thuan Provincial People's Committee sent a written request to the Department of Industry and Trade to proactively capture information and propagate to farmers, production facilities, and businesses, to strictly implement the recommendations of the Ministries of Industry and Trade and Agriculture and Rural Development on the export market and particularly China market and customs clearance activities at border gates.

Along with that, Binh Thuan province actively implemented trade promotion activities, connecting and regulating goods brought to border gates reasonably and effectively; sought to expand export markets of dragon fruit and promote domestic consumption as well as processing to proactively plans to support consumption.

The People's Committee of Binh Thuan province requested the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to proactively capture information and propagate to farmers and production facilities about the situation of dragon fruit import and export and the congestion at Northern border gates, to actively produce and harvest as well as coordinate in regulating and transporting dragon fruits reasonably to border gates.

In addition, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Binh Thuan province should continue to review the production situation and specifically guide localities to build a reasonable production plan, in line with the forecast of consumption market demand in the coming time, avoid the situation of local excess crisis, prices fall deeply; link and share information between localities in the growing area on production, crop, output, and harvest to cooperate in determining a transparent and public dragon fruit consumption market that benefits farmers.

The Binh Thuan Dragon Fruit Association, in collaboration with the Provincial Farmers' Association and the Provincial Cooperative Union, regularly provides information to businesses, production facilities, business establishments, and dragon fruit growing households about the situation and demands of dragon and dragon fruit consumption market, to have a plan to adjust the production, purchase and export of dragon fruit accordingly; Working closely with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Department of Industry and Trade to implement a plan to support dragon fruit consumption with the most specific and feasible solutions; Focusing on propaganda for enterprises, cooperatives and cooperative members to continue to link production and consumption more closely; also, production according to VietGap, GlobalGAP standards to meet many markets other than China.

Enterprises, production and business establishments must regularly update information, import and export situation at border gates and regulations on disease prevention, control in Lang Son province as well as border gates in Lao Cai, Quang Ninh, Ha Giang provinces... From there, there is a plan to adjust the export of dragon fruits to China; keep close contact and exchange with import partners to grasp the situation of goods receipt at border gates; Pay attention to the implementation of export transactions following international practices through foreign trade contracts; contacting partners to negotiate the gradual transition to the official form to minimize the risks that the informal trade form may bring; also, strengthen epidemic prevention and control measures for people and means of transporting exported goods.

Author: Kim So

Translated by Ha Phuc

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