Longan from Vietnam

July 14, 2022


Longan fruit is also called Long Nhãn (means Dragon Eye in Vietnamese language), abundant in many provinces in the Viet Nam.

Known as a close relative to the lychee, this fruit is also tiny (about 2 cm in diameter) with a brownish brittle covering. Many believe that its pulp taste similar to the lychee but somewhat sweeter.

There are many varieties of Long Nhãn in Viet Nam. However, the “Cage-Longan (Nhãn Lồng)” is considered most popular. Its name “cage-longan” comes from the technique of covering the Long Nhãn with cages to protect them from the birds.

This variety has a watery pulp, a very sweet taste, a perfumed scent, and small black seeds, which is why it is also called Nhan Tieu (pepper grain longan).


Longan has been well known as the tropical fruit with the powers of a beneficial. It is foods with a rich nutrient profilehas, wound healing, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory powers. It is not just another exotic South-Asian fruit since it has been used for many years in traditional medicine.

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