Vietnamese durian fever in China

April 03, 2023
Vietnamese durian is highly sought after in China. Importers say the price is approximately the same as in Thailand and Malaysia


“King of the fruits”

"Vietnamese durian has a competitive advantage over Thailand or Malaysia. The first advantage is close range, the second advantage is good quality. I confirm that the prices are approximate to Thailand and Malaysia. The exact number cannot be disclosed due to commercial factors", Mr. Lam Long Duc, General Director of Viet Hai Global Supply Chain Co., Ltd (Suzhou, China), said on April 21.


Commenting on this event, the South China Morning Post, commented that durian is the most controversial fruit in the world. Oppositions often describe them as smelling like rotten onions or rotten eggs.


Durian also known as the "fruit king" to its fans, is taking center stage in China's latest glamorous diplomatic campaign in Southeast Asia. Beijing has pledged to import more durians from neighboring countries.

Ameii Vietnam Joint Stock Company is one of the official durian exporters to the Chinese market




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