The delegation of Australian experts and the Plant Protection Department visited the lychee growing area for export in Hai Duong.

May 21, 2022

 On May 19, 2022, the Australian delegation of experts, leaders and experts of the Plant Protection Department - Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, officials of the Australian Embassy in Vietnam returned to work in Hai Duong province and visited the area. growing lychee for export in Thanh Ha district. Receiving and working with the delegation, on behalf of Hai Duong Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, there were Mr. Bui Van Thang - Director of the Department leading the working group, and leaders and experts of the Sub-Department of Crop Production and Plant Protection. , representatives of leaders of Thanh Ha District People's Committee welcomed and joined the delegation.

During this working trip, the Australian delegation included Mr. Peter Creaser - Assistant Minister of Agriculture, Water and Environment; Ms. Mirianne Jovanoski – official of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Environment; Mr. Anthony Harman - Australian Agricultural Counselor, the delegation and representatives of the province visited the Australian lychee growing area for export in Thanh Quang commune, Thanh Ha district and the lychee packaging and processing facility at Ameii Vietnam Joint Stock Company.

Through the visit, Australian experts had a chance to directly visit the production and packaging of litchi, and at the same time appreciated the results of maintaining and expanding the Australian growing area and export packing facility in Hai Duong. recognized the achievements of the province's lychee exports to the Australian market in recent times, always meeting the strict requirements and targets of the Australian market, and considering this as a market. potential fabric production for export to Australia in the coming years (in 2020, Hai Duong's lychee export output to the Australian market will be 68 tons, in 2021 it will be 75.6 tons).

To do well for the organization of lychee production for export to the Australian market, in 2022, the province has reviewed and proposed the Plant Protection Department - Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to maintain 119 litchi growing area codes and 14 codes. number of packing facilities for export, the Australian market alone has 23 growing area codes with an area of ​​198.6 ha (of which Thanh Ha district has 17 codes with an area of ​​155.2 ha), in the next time continue to request the Plant Protection Department to grant 37 planting area codes for export to the Australian market for 37 litchi areas with a total area of ​​490ha. As for the organization of production, all 23 litchi growing areas exported to the Australian market are supported by the province and the district to produce according to VietGAP and GlobalGAP standards of good agricultural production practices, in which there are already 18 growing areas are certified to meet VietGAP standards, 05 growing areas are certified GlobalGAP.

The organization of production and issuance of planting area codes, packing facilities are carefully prepared, thereby creating the best conditions to meet the criteria and technical barriers of the Australian export market in particular. and the international market in general such as the US, Japan, and the EU will enjoy favorable conditions and expand the export volume of lychee in the 2022 and subsequent years./.

Source: Department of Cultivation and Plant Protection.

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