Ameii Widen The Network of Cooperative Farms To Adapt The Market Demand

November 25, 2021

        In recent years, a number of agricultural cooperatives have recently adapted to the market base, creating links and cooperation between cooperatives and businesses and economic organizations to consume products for people.

        In 2020, Ameii Vietnam Cooperative (belonging to Ameii Vietnam Joint Stock Company) was established with 35 members.
        After nearly 1 year of operation, the cooperative has made every effort to produce quality Thanh Ha lychee fruit and export it to the Japanese market.
        Currently, the cooperative has over 17 hectares planted in the lychee cultivation area planted and cared for according to VietGAP and GlobalGAP standards with 35 in Thuy Lam village, Thanh Son commune.
        The biggest advantage when joining a cooperative is that the products made will be consumed by Ameii Vietnam Joint Stock Company at a higher price than the market. Therefore, litchi growers do not have to worry about the output, but only need to take care of the lychee fruit according to the instructions. Because of this advantage, many farmers here want to join cooperatives.
          In addition to the Japanese market, Thanh Ha lychee is also exported by Ameii Vietnam to Singapore, Korea, Canada... with an amount of nearly 2,000 tons.
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