Ameii Vietnam is one of Top 10 Brands in Agricutural-Food-Beverage Industries in 2021

December 14, 2021
The Cool Product Awards is organised annually by Vietnam Economy Magazine under the Vietnam Economic Association since 2006 to select products, goods, and services on the Vietnamese market that are favoured and selected by consumers. In addition to the participation of ministries and agencies in Vietnam, the programme also attracted representatives from business associations, economic experts, and representatives from 200 Vietnamese businesses and consumers to participate.



         Within the framework of the Cool Product Awards 2021, with the theme "Overcoming the storm: Creativity to adapt", each business with its real story will share experiences on good business plans and strategies, plus available digital platforms and highly specialized staff, so that they can find opportunities for survival and development.



From January 2021 to November 2021, the program voted on 5,971 nominated products and services, and the Vietnam Trust Program organizers received 31,242 votes. selected, 81,063 online reviews.

Ameii Vietnam JSC is honored as Top 10 of The Cool Product Awards 2021 with the product "Regional Fruit" 


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