March 24, 2020

 "Ameii Vietnam - specializing in the export of Vietnamese agricultural products" in the difficult market Japan and Europe, now has a new product to serve residents in the Corona season to protect the health of you & your family.


Therefore, boost your daily immune system with this source of organic fresh vegetables, and be assured that AMEII will be the most reliable companion that the whole family should choose.

  • Leafy vegetables: Japanese lettuce, malabar spinach, leaf mustar,  choy sum, Katuk, cabage, water morning glort..
  • Fruit vegetable: Tomato, cucumber, chayote, pumpkin..
  • Spicy Vegetables: Parsley, fennel, celery, leek..

By the way, AMEII would like to introduce and teach people how to use "Japanese lettuce"

"Japanese lettuce": A type of vegetable that Japanese people love, has been in Vietnam for quite a long time, has a sweet, cool taste, very rich in nutrients. Especially vitamin A, beta-carotene, the minerals like iron, copper, manganese, calcium, magnesium and potassium are good for health.


- Eat both leaves and stems (only remove the old and damaged parts). 

- For the vegetable stems, the mothers should stripped the outer shell (To remove part old because eating will slight bitter and chewy)

- After preparation, wash leaves and stems can bring boiled or stir-fry with garlic (Note: Time to boil or stir fry 3-5 minutes). It would be great food.


We look forward to your support, so that AMEII will have more motivation to develop more clean vegetables for the whole family.


Ameii Vietnam Organic Farms (Amei Farm)

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