50 tons of Vietnamese lychee were present in Singapore market

July 02, 2020

 Những trái vải thiều Việt Nam chinh phục khách hàng Singapore. (Ảnh: Lê Dương/Vietnam+)

Vietnamese brand lychee has officially been on the shelves of Singapore's FairPrice supermarket chain and this is the first year that people living in Quoc Su Tu Island have the opportunity to enjoy large-scale lychee imported from Vietnam.

The Trade Office of the Embassy of Vietnam in Singapore said that so far, nearly 50 tons of lychee have been exported to Singapore from Hai Phong port and it is expected that by the end of the litchi season, the total export value of Thieu litchi from Vietnam to Singapore market can reach 100 tons.

Vietnamese lychee is sold at a promotional price of SGD 5 / kg (equivalent to VND 84,000) in the first week on shelves in Singapore and rebounded to SGD 6 / kg within the next week, the same price as Chinese Lychee on sale in Singapore.

Thanks to the fresher quality and color of the lychee, Singaporean consumers very in love with Vietnamese lychee. After 2 weeks on the shelves, many supermarkets have no stock to sell.

Ms. Tran Thu Quynh, Vietnam Trade Counselor in Singapore, said that since the beginning of 2018, the Vietnam Trade Office in Singapore has met many big Singaporean fruit importers to introduce lychee products from Vietnam.

The deal also works with Singaporean experts who have been involved in the project to improve Vietnam's lychee preservation and handling capacity and participated in the development of the "Lychee Good Practice Handbook" to guide Guide to Vietnamese litchi growers. With the support of experts, Singaporean lychee importers have gained a new perspective on Vietnam's lychee handling and preservation.

In fact, scattered in 2018-2019, there appears a small scale of Vietnamese lychee in outdoor markets of Singaporeans (whole stem, no canning).

50 tan vai thieu Viet Nam da co mat tai thi truong Singapore hinh anh 1

However, due to the sale at the open-air market, which has not been processed, does not guarantee the optimal temperature, it has led to a situation where the amount of goods sold is slow, the lychee is quickly damaged, degraded, importers hesitate to sign contracts for the next season.

Recognizing the importance of bringing lychee into Singapore's retail system, the Vietnam Trade Office in Singapore has constantly organized delegations to bring Singapore fruit importers to Vietnam, including FairPrice Group, for 3 consecutive years to search for new Vietnamese fruit products to suit the taste of Singaporean customers.

Right from the beginning of this litchi season, the Trade Department has collaborated with the Trade Promotion Department and the Department of Industry of Bac Giang Province to organize an online seminar to promote Vietnamese litchi and connect with domestic exporters.

In Vietnam, FairPrice's Purchase Representative directly inspected farms capable of packaging and exporting, placed and shipped the first containers to Singapore in late May 2020.

Tran Thu Quynh said that in the context of Singapore still taking measures to socialize to control the Covid-19 epidemic, the implementation of a media campaign to promote lychee cannot be carried out.

However, in preparation for bringing lychee fruit into the Singaporean market in the coming years. The deal is working with FairPrice to review and learn from experience.

It is expected that, in the new litchi season, the deal will preside and coordinate with the Vietnam Embassy in Singapore, Bac Giang province, Hai Duong province and FairPrice Group to organize "Vietnam Litchi Day in Singapore."

Currently, the Trade Department is working with Singaporean experts to design leaflets in English to introduce and promote the Vietnamese litchi story, introduce nutrition and preservation methods to prepare for this event./ .

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