Water morning glory is a very powerful vegetable, easy to grow, grown in soil or water. Water morning glory is grown all year round, but gives the best yield and quality in the summer. The nutritional value of water morning glory is very high, contain a lot of protein, vitamins, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, iron, fat .. The protein content is 4 times higher than tomatoes, calcium is 12 times more than tomatoes. In addition, water morning glory also contains carotene.

According to Oriental medicine, water morning glory nourishes the stomach and intestines, which is used to detoxify, hemostasis, diuretic, protect the stomach, laxative, cure bad breath, prevent dysentery and cure toothach ...

Fresh water morning glory Ameii

Brand:Ameii Farm Pack: 400gr/bag

Fresh water morning glory Ameii
Sign colors
Hoa Binh
Year round.
TCVN 11041-2:2017
Slightly sweet, fragrant
Shelf life
3-5 day
Shipping by air or sea
20-25 centimeter

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