The first half of February, the country exported over 4.2 billion USD

Feb 25, 2019
According to the General Department of Customs announced, in the first half of February, the total value of export goods nationwide reached 4.246 billion USD, while import turnover reached 6.332 billion USD. Thus, our country imported a trade deficit of 2.086 billion USD during this period.

Specifically, accumulated to February 15, total export turnover reached 26.319 billion USD, import reached 27.596 billion USD, so our country is trade deficit of nearly 1.3 billion USD. The first half of February coincided with 9 days of Tet Holiday so export turnover declined sharply. This is a common rule for many years.


Export turnover of computers, electronic products and components reached 622 million USD, nearly double the turnover of the 3rd group of textiles and garments in the first half of February. However, from the beginning of the year By February 2, textiles and garments were the second largest group in terms of export turnover, reaching US $ 3,613 billion, while computers, electronic products and components ranked third with US $ 3.08 billion in turnover. 

In addition to 3 notable commodity groups, the country has 4 export commodity groups with turnover of 1 billion USD or more, including: Footwear; devices; wood and products; means of transportation. 

After the Lunar New Year holiday, export turnover is expected to grow again. In order to achieve the export target of 2019 as set out, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will focus on solutions to promote commodity businesses such as production development and creating quality goods to ensure export scale; market development and opening; well organized export activities and link production and processing chains. Especially, focusing on improving the efficiency of connection, coordinating with other units to solve arising problems in international trade such as anti-subsidy, anti-dumping ... Basic changes in trade promotion, going into the key products in each stage, not spreading as current to bring Vietnamese products to more and more markets in the world.


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