"Ameii Vietnam Joint Stock Company" officially export "Thanh Ha Litchi" Hai Duong to Japan and Canada in mid-June 2020.

May 21, 2020

Answer the reporter VTV1, representative of Ameii Vietnam Joint Stock Company shared: In the middle of the end of June 2020, Hai Duong "Thanh Hà Litchi" was officially exported to Japan and Canada.

We, Ameii Vietnam Joint Stock Company, signed a contract "LITCHI" consumption to farmers in Hai Duong. Therefore, "Litchi" in Hai Duong province is always controlled by us and the Plant Protection Department from the beginning, closely supervised from planting to caring, preserving and harvesting according to international standards. , ensure safety, no pesticide residues.

Thanh Ha "LITCHI" famous in this past with the sweetness, thick flesh, succulent showing its own characteristics. Now, "Ameii Vietnam Joint Stock Company" consumption and export. Hoping to bring many advantages to "LITCHI" in Hai Duong in particular and Vietnam in general, entering a new turning point promoting socio-economic development.


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