Sugarcane is a cool, sweet and favorite drink. In terms of nutritional value, sugarcane contant about 70% of sugar, there are proteins, fats, many minerals, vitamins and about 30 kinds of organic acids. Therefore, sugarcane not only tastes sweet to everyone's taste but also provides the body with essential energy and nutrients.

In addition, sugarcane is also a good medicine used by people for a long time. According to Oriental medicine, sugarcane juice tastes cool, works for cooling, refreshing, detoxifying, sputum, antiemetic, treating fever.

Fresh Sugarcane

Brand:Ameii Pack: 7-10kg per carton

Fresh Sugarcane
Sign colors
Purper skin
Hoa Binh
Year round
Phyto Certificate
Natural Sweet
Shelf life
15-20 days
long 2-4 meter

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